Engaging with Your Customers Has Never Been Easier

We believe in the power of technology to help you get closer to your customers. As a #1 Salesforce Silver Partner in Saudi Arabia we help companies create intelligent, omni-channel platforms that focus on the important things, such as what your customers want.

Our Trusted Partners

We Rely On Our Prominent Technology And Business Partners To Ensure Quality Service is Provided to Our Customers.

Cetrix & Salesforce Forge Strong Ties in Saudi Arabia

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Brand Activation

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What’s Our Secret?

We Use Salesforce

Salesforce Offers a 360° Customer Approach

The world’s #1 CRM provides a strategy for managing all of your company’s relationships and customer interactions. In essence, Salesforce enables you to keep all parties satisfied and informed, which translates into greater profitability.

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Digital Transformation

We can quickly turn your ideas into reality by creating solutions that solve your challenges and transform your business. We empower you with the tools and technologies you need to drive value and innovation. We have the right people, expert knowledge, and trusted partners needed to help you achieve your vision.

Salesforce Implementation

Many businesses today suffer from bad silos data, often resulting in poor customer experiences. We use Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, to create tailored solutions to solve your data management and strategy challenges. Salesforce also optimizes your ability to execute efficient sales and streamlines your service and marketing operations.

Salesforce Support & Training

At Cetrix, we believe in long-term customer relationships. We encourage, consult, and train (in English and Arabic) new employees, while integrating various Salesforce products that will empower your employees to seamlessly command all systems.

Web App and Mobile App

Cetrix aims to increase your online brand presence during this challenging time of congested competition in the digital industry . Our development experts are here to create tailored digital solutions by way of iOS and Android apps that will cater to our customers’ unique business models.

We’re Proud To Have The Highest Number of
Salesforce Customer Success Stories In KSA
We Rely On Our Prominent Technology And Business Partners To Ensure Quality Service is Provided to Our Customers.

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