Salesforce Workshop on 9th December 2019 in VOCO Hotel Riyadh hosted and Performed by Cetrix Cloud Services

Distinguished speakers from Salesforce and Cetrix introduced to audiences a new vision of Digital Transformation.

Event topics include:

- Salesforce Customer Success Platform
- Cetrix your local partner in Saudi Arabia for Digital Transformation
- Cetrix defining your Business Digital Transformation Strategy
- Questions and Answers

Please watch Exclusive interviews

Voco Opening

Mrs. Isna Junaid Address, Cetrix Director of Operations

Mrs. Isna Junaid Cetrix Director of Operations

Mr. Mohamed Al Ramadan Managing Director Alyaseen Agri

Mr.  Yaser Obaidallah Data Scientist Biomedical Informatics EST

Mr. Wael CEO of LSC

Mr.  Idress Khan COO Sllica Mark Company

Ms. Israa tashkandi-CRM Manager Sitco Pharma

Salesforce and Cetrix at the 22nd CET World Series Conference Riyadh - 24 April 2019


CET Event- Cetrix Cloud Services, Salesforce

Salesforce and Cetrix presentation at the 22nd CET World Series conference.

Riyadh- Saudi Arabia 24 Apr 2019