Misk Academy Salesforce Project

This solution has eliminated any human errors and made the entire process efficient and reliable to manage over hundred thousand students well organized.

Misk Academy is a non-profit organization founded by HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz to promote learning and leadership development among young people for a better future in Saudi Arabia. Misk focuses on young people across the country and provides various means to nurture and empower talent and creative energies and create a healthy environment for their growth and drive them to see the light and seize opportunities in the fields of science and humanities.

The challenge

Misk Academy intends to Empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, makers, and innovators through cutting-edge career-focused educational experiences led by the highest-quality faculty in Saudi Arabia.
All the Students registrations used to go to the admissions department. There was no system to manage the students and courses and a process to approve the student admissions. All information was scattered; important information was not tracked or even lost.

The solution

Misk Academy needed a comprehensive solution and web-based CRM that managed every aspect of student registration, application, admission, online payment, approval and graduation. Cetrix met Misk Academy during the international conference and Misk was convinced that the solution proposed by Cetrix included all the features that was needed and the most reliable and cost-effective compared to other solutions.

The result

During multiple discovery meetings with the client, Cetrix designed the complete solution, which included student web-portal integrated with Salesforce platform.
In this project, Cetrix selected the HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture) as the Salesforce platform that is designed for education sector.
With custom development, Cetrix was able to build a unique solution for Misk Academy with integration to WordPress/Laravel web portal and CyberSource payment gateway to automate the entire processes.
Education partners including Udacity and General Assembly were able to verify the students before enrollment and track their activities within the platform.

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