Salesforce Service Cloud

We help enable our clients to deliver a revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device

We help enable our clients to deliver a revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Smarter customer service conversations with your customers on any channel, anytime, anywhere.

Features of Service Cloud

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud was built on the foundation of the Salesforce platform with one goal, to provide a complete view of your customers. With the smart insights Service Cloud provides, you can deliver a service which is more personal and efficient than ever before.

Service Cloud gives you the power to automate your customer service processes, optimise your agent’s workflows, and provide the knowledge they need to do their job better. Even better, Service Cloud is a cross-channel solution, meaning your customers get the support they need no matter which device they’re using.

Service Cloud is a truly scalable solution, meaning that it’s suitable for all businesses from the smallest start-ups to the largest multi-nationals. By providing the tools they need to deal with customer queries faster and more comprehensively, your customer service team will be able to boost customer satisfaction and lower service costs.

For larger companies, Service Cloud makes it easy to create self-service solutions and customer communities where problems can be solved in a frictionless way. Service Cloud makes it easy to deliver essential knowledge directly to your customers and help them solve their own problems even faster.

Because Service Cloud is built on the foundation of Salesforce, it benefits from the powerful data security measures of that platform. Even better, the Salesforce team is always working to improve the safety and security of customer data, as well as ensuring data integrity is always maintained and protected. It’s this ethos which can give your customers true peace of mind, knowing their data is kept safe in the Service Cloud.

Because Service Cloud is designed to be endlessly customisable, you’ll find a wealth of options to choose from. To make this process easy, we’ll work with you to put together a modular CRM solution which takes into account your unique business needs. On top of that, we’ll do so with the future in mind, ensuring the delivered system is scalable and gives your business room to grow.

The three core editions of Service Cloud are Enterprise Edition, which is the most comprehensive option. This includes the super-fast Lightning Console for a holistic view of your cases, CTI integration, a full knowledge management suite, call scripting options, tools for developers, and more.